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Transition from fetal to postnatal life represents a complex process, which affects many organ systems. Disturbances in the transitional process can lead to severe long term morbidity and mortality. To prevent disturbances, knowledge upon physiological postnatal adaptation are required. Furthermore, the effect of postnatal interventions upon adaptation (“resuscitation”) has to be studied appropriately to obtain sufficient data for an evidence-based approach of the care of the newborn infant in the delivery room. Improving our knowledge in this field has the potential to reduce the morbidity and mortality of newborn infants.

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Charles Christoph Roehr, member and previous chairman was among the authors of the new ERC neonatal resuscitation guidelines


dr. Gianluca Lista MD PhD

Ospedale dei bambini V. Buzzi

Milan, Italy


prof. Arjan te Pas MD PhD


Leiden, the Netherlands


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